These items are used with applicable products only. Color selection is available and there are 9 sample colors in the below image to choose from. For ordering this item, please visit the applicable product page and select your preferred color.

The leather bands are also available for your individual purchase, too. If you wish to purchase and replace multiple different colors of this item and enjoy the color variation along with your mood, please place your order.

Colors shown on the image are of an actual product. Please be aware, however, that the appearance of the color may be slightly different depending on the pc or smart phone environment.

Leather band order page

Color options (from left):

Natural ・ Orange ・ Green ・ Red ・ Dark blue ・ Blue ・ Black ・ Moss green ・ Dark brown

Leather band sample image
Color options (from left): Natural, Orange, Green, Red, Dark blue, Blue, Black, Moss green, Dark brown