Products made with Tochigi Leather.

sNapuna products are made with leather materials produced by Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd., the top leather brand in Japan. Even though under the same specification, each leather is unique and comes with different color and gloss, so we directly visit the wholesaler’s warehouse, check with our own eyes to purchase the right leather.

Among a variety of leather materials of the brand, the particular type of leather sNapuna use is called ‘denim leather’. The gloss of such leather contains nice amount of oil, and the material brings an exceptional depth that changes over time. The quality is somewhat hard and supple (which will become softer over time) so the material is convenient for us to make multi-purpose products such as shoes, bags, wallets, etc. Its casual atmosphere is another characteristic aspect of the material, too.

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In addition to Tochigi Leather, we also deal with other tanner brands worldwide.

About Tochigi leather.

In the process of turning a hide into a leather, there is a step called tanning. There are two ways of tanning: chrome and natural. The former is a chemical production method and the latter uses natural materials.

Majority of leather productions incorporate chrome tanning which is cheap and suitable for mass production. It however keeps leather materials from aging with unique gloss. As for the natural tanning, on the other hand, the more it is used the more attractive it gets to enjoy the natural aging process.

Tochigi Leather is known for its tanning leather which takes much time and effort, and receives a high global recognition for its quality work.

sNapuna purchases Tochigi Leather products directly from the wholesaler.

It seems that the leather sold is managed by covering it with tea paper.
Reserved leather products seem like wrapped with brown paper and stocked.
It is a wholesaler with a lot of stock
This wholesaler has many inventories.